Cristiano Ronaldo praises Lionel Messi; asks him to dinner at UEFA Player of the Year ceremony

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Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have had many a memorable battle over the years. The pair, however, maintain a strictly professional relationship off the pitch, and have constantly praised each other time and again. And they were at it again during the UEFA Player of the Year ceremony. 

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi provided football fans with a moment to remember, as they spoke about each other’s influence during the UEFA Player of the Year award ceremony. The Portuguese star stated that the two of them have a good professional relationship and that he hopes to have dinner with him in the future.

“I was curious because we shared this stage for 15 years me and him,” Ronaldo said during the ceremony.

“I don’t know if that has ever happened in football, the same two guys on the stage at the same time, so it’s not easy.

“Of course we have a good relationship, we have not had dinner together yet but I hope in the future.”

Ronaldo further spoke about his experience in Spain, before crediting the man sitting next to him for pushing him beyond his limits.

“Of course I miss playing in Spain, we had that battle the last 15 years, which was good,” he continued

“He pushed me and I pushed him as well, so it’s good to be part of history of football. I am there and of course he is there as well.”

Nevertheless, both Ronaldo and Messi were outshone by Virgil van Dijk on the day, after the Dutchman beat the pair to be crowned the UEFA Men’s Player of the Year 2018/19.