WATCH: Ter Stegen secretly reads note sent to Marcus Rashford by manager during win over Manchester United

Barcelona faced Manchester United in the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals. The Blaugrana won the first leg with some difficulty. However, they were untouchable during the second leg and blew their opponents away. In the midst of it, Marcus Rashford was given certain instructions by his manager, which somehow reached the eyes of Barcelona star Marc-Andre ter Stegen! 

Manchester United were given a harsh reality check when they faced Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals. The Red Devils, who had registered a stunning win over PSG in the previous round, were well-and-truly beaten over the two legs by an aggregate score of four-nil.

However, the Premier League side had plenty of chances of their own to score against their mighty opponents. Nevertheless, they failed to land a single blow for the entirety of the two-legged tie.

Marcus Rashford led the line for Manchester United during those two legs. The England international was kept in check brilliantly by Gerard Pique, who stood like a goliath between him and the goal. However, manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer did pick on something during the second leg and proceeded to instruct the youngster on the same, via a paper note.

Rashford read the note and discarded it close to the Barcelona goal. Marc-Andre ter Stegen, who had been following the events closely, noticed the dropped note, picked it up and read it!

Whether the note actually proved to be helpful or not, we may never know. However, the Barcelona defence did manage to restrict Rashford to a few clear cut chances, thereby rendering the away side’s attacking outlet useless.