Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp reacts to drawing Barcelona and Lionel Messi in the Champions League semifinals

Jurgen Klopp reacted to Liverpool drawing Barcelona in the semifinals of the UEFA Champions League and briefly spoke about his plans – or lack thereof – to stop Lionel Messi.

The German coach was a happy man as his side hardly broke a sweat in sealing a comfortable 6-1 aggregate victory over Porto to progress into the semifinals of the competition.

However, he did seem well aware of the herculean task up ahead of them as they take on Barcelona next.

“Second time in a row in the semis, that’s something crazy! I think it is really good news. To be in the semi-final for a second time in a row is a big statement,” he said after the win against Porto.

“Now we are in the semi-final against Barcelona, I’m really happy about the fact we play them. We will find things we think we could use. But on the other side I don’t care.

“We play on Sunday against Cardiff [in the Premier League] and that’s in my mind, not how we play against Barcelona. We have enough time for that.

“So many teams have tried it already, maybe we find something [to stop them]. I’m looking forward to it, but not tonight.”

When asked about how he plans to stop the imperious Lionel Messi, the German tactician was candid enough to admit that he hadn’t yet thought of a way to do so.

“Thank God I have a few more nights to think about that [how to stop Lionel Messi]. So many teams tried that but nobody really did it.

“We have so many jobs to do before we meet Barcelona, let’s first play these games and we will see,” he added.