Watch: Manchester United fans serenade a Korean fan in Barcelona with Park Ji-Sung chants

Manchester United supporters haven’t quite forgotten their Asian dynamo Park Ji-Sung. This was quite evident when a group of  United fans cavorted with a Korean tourist in Barcelona. 

In the build-up to their ultimately fraught quarter-final second leg at the Nou Camp, United fans assembled across locations in the city. The song, dance and boozy energy were infectious as Mancunians of the red disposition bobbled up and down in an outpouring of fraternal love.

On noticing a Korean tourist taking in the sights of the city, the cheery Mancs couldn’t hide their glee. Hoisting the bloke on their shoulders, the group proceeded to serenade him with their iconic (but slightly problematic) Park Ji-Sung chant.


While the words are difficult to follow, the song goes a bit like this:

“Park, Park, wherever you may be
You eat dogs in your home country
But it could be worse…
You could be Scouse…
Eating rats in a council house!”

Notwithstanding the obvious orientalist overtones, the United fans perhaps meant no harm.

That’s about as good as it got for these fans as United were schooled by a Messi masterclass. To make matters worse, the ‘scousers’ are on course for another semi-final appearance, in addition to their push for the Premier League.