PSG star slams Manchester United, calls Champions League win a fluke

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PSG’s recent European history is littered with stunning collapses. It seems to have taken a toll on midfielder Marco Verratti, who snarled at suggestions of Manchester United being better than them.

The Parisians were unexpectedly binned by a buoyant Manchester United side in front of their fans when they two met in the UEFA Champions League. Comfortably placed after the first leg, old demons emerged once again in a ridiculous exhibition of footballing harakiri.

Speaking to Telefoot, PSG’s midfield maestro Marco Verratti suggested that United’s comeback was a fluke; just another improbability that keeps sniping away at their aspirations of becoming European royalty:

“Maybe I’m more frustrated than others,” remarked the Italian, “But, football is like that. We can’t have everything.

“The fans are disappointed by the elimination. I’m confident in this team. This match, if we played it 10 times, we would win nine.”

PSG’s financial muscle has as yet failed to materialise into something more tangible on the European front. While domestic success is assured, their repeated failures in the Champions League is a constant source of exasperation for their Qatari owners.

On the other hand, Manchester United, having rid the European top competition of the Parisians, would hope to do the same tonight, April 16, as they play FC Barcelona in the Champions League quarterfinals.