Reports: FC Barcelona sets hefty ticket rates for upcoming Manchester United fixture at Camp Nou

Exorbitant away-ticket prices continue to dampen spirits among travelling Manchester United fans, as Spanish giants FC Barcelona become the latest team to put the Red Devils in a sticky situation with reference to travelling fans.

Earlier today, Barcelona’s management announced that Manchester United fans who will be travelling to Spain for the second-leg match of the upcoming UEFA Champions League fixture at Camp Nou on the 17th of April, can avail their match tickets at a price of £102 each. A total of 4610 such tickets would be available, they added.

The decision has apparently disappointed Manchester United, who have since resorted to raise away-ticket prices for the first-leg match at Old Trafford as well. Travelling Barcelona fans will now have to pay the same £102 to secure each away-ticket for the first-leg match on April 11th.

The Guardian reported that this is the most expensive Manchester United matchday ticket ever, save tournament finals. They also reported that the club decided to raise their own away-ticket prices just so that it can be used to subsidize the ticket rates for travelling United fans as they go to Barcelona to watch the second-leg game.

United fans can now avail the away-tickets to Barcelona, at a discounted rate of £75 each. The remaining £27 per entry will be paid by the club itself, from the revenue obtained from away-ticket sales at Old Trafford.

A statement on the club’s official website read thus: “We believe that our travelling supporters are again being subjected to increased/excessive ticket prices from the host club. We have again taken the difficult decision to charge Barcelona fans the same amount Barcelona are charging for the away fixture (£102). We will use the additional revenue gained to subsidise our travelling support by paying the £27 price difference.”

This is not the first time that Manchester United faces such a situation. Their travelling fans were subjected to high ticket prices during this year’s Champions League group-stage encounter against Valencia, and during last season’s Champions League round-of-16 clash against Sevilla as well.