PSG fans ask for Manchester United Champions League expulsion over rookie mistake

After Paris Saint Germain failed to make proper use of their chances to qualify for the Champions League quarter finals, the club’s fans have taken to a rather unique method to reason why they should be in the next round, and not opponents Manchester United.

Paris Saint Germain sunk their own chances by being complacent in the second leg of the round-of-16, eventually losing the game 3-1 and getting knocked out on away goals, despite leading 2-0 in the first leg.

Presnel Kimpembe the PSG defender, spoke on what cost PSG their chances. It was also the first time that a team overcame a deficit of two goals at home, to score three or more away goals in the next leg to go through to the next stage in a Champions League knockout clash – the team, in this case, being Manchester United.

In such a bleak situation, PSG fans are catching at floating straws on a hope to prevent themselves from drowning, as this latest news report tells us. A few of them had spotted PSG’s official lettering in the Red Devils’ youngster Mason Greenwood‘s shirt used in the game.

It turns out that Greenwood’s debut was so much of a doubt to even the United management, that when it finally happened, their kit man had to make use of the resources available in PSG’s kit shop at Paris to create a personalised Greenwood jersey bearing his name and number 54.

Check out the difference in Greenwood’s lettering, as opposed to that of others here

Greenwood debuted in the 87th minute of the game, and seven minutes later, Manchester United were through with the game. And meanwhile, PSG fans are not happy with the situation regarding the youngster’s shirt.

Many of them feel that the English giants should be expelled from the Champions League for “breaking UEFA’s equipment regulations”, with the French club allowed to progress to the quarter-finals in their place.

The Mirror reports that an enraged Parisian fan spoke on Instagram, saying: “Manchester could be disqualified from the Champions League as Greenwood’s numbering was from PSG’s club shop and UEFA’s rules stipulate that all numbering must be identical.”

To which, another fan added: “UEFA’s rules clearly say that numbering must be identical for each player on the same team. But it seems to me impossible for UEFA to apply this rule because we know that they are anti-PSG and we can do nothing about it.”

The Mirror went on to say that this mentioned above, is not the UEFA rule, however.

Apparently, UEFA’s regulations mention nothing else apart from the mandate that a player’s number and lettering should fit within a set of specified dimensions and that it should be clearly contrasted against the colour of the shirt so that they are visible clearly.

Greenwood’s number and lettering were taken from the set used for PSG’s white Champions League kit, hence they easily conform to UEFA’s dimensions.