PSG star Presnel Kimpembe reveals the reason why they lost the Manchester United game

Paris Saint Germain suffered an embarrassing defeat to Manchester United in the Champions League round-of-16 game last week, following which they were eliminated from the competition as well.

They had led 2-0 after the first-leg at Old Trafford in February, but Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s men completed a terrific turnaround to win the second-leg 3-1 at Paris. The aggregate score tied at 3-3, but United advanced by virtue of scoring more away goals.

The turning point was the 94th minute handball by Presnel Kimpembe the Parisian defender. It was a tough call that eventually needed the help of VAR, as Kimpembe had his back to the ball and hence any attempt to block it would have been unintentional.

At the same time, he appeared to make his body big to block any kind of shot, and hence the referee had enough reason to point towards the spot.

Marcus Rashford wasted no time in slotting the ball past Gianluigi Buffon, taking United through to the quarters.

Kimpembe has since responded, representing the team in revealing the real reason why PSG lost.

The Frenchman explained that his side was more complacent that what they could afford to be, in the second-leg game at Paris. They were apparently confident of seeing through the entire deal after Paris’ 2-0 win at Old Trafford. Despite Lukaku scoring in the second minute at Paris, Juan Bernat’s equaliser that raised the aggregate to 3-1 back then made them feel alright, as per Kimpembe.

“We lost the grit, the rage we had in the first-leg,” he said. “We took this game lightly, and it’s something that will never happen to me again. It’s enough, never again. Of course we will lose more games in the UCL, but losing games like this is over. I don’t want it to happen to us anymore.”

Kimpembe also spoke about how he felt the fans agony at the end of the game. “It hurts me, very bad even, I feel what the fans feel. I can see their anger, I realize it, I understand it and, most importantly, I assume it so that I can swallow it. It’s a game that inevitably stays in the heads but that we will have to forget for the rest of the season.”

PSG can now concentrate solely on the Ligue 1, where they are comfortably ahead of their opponents and well poised for another triumphant season.