Ex-Bayern doctor hits out at Guardiola

Pep Guardiola

Former FC Bayern München doctor Hans-Wilhelm Muller-Wohlfahrt has accused ex-boss Pep Guardiola of disregarding his players’ health and overriding him.

Muller-Wohlfahrt left the club in 2015, accusing Guardiola of unfairly shifting the blame for a 3-1 defeat to Porto onto the medical department’s shoulders.

In his latest rant against the current Manchester City boss, he told ZDF: “He completely neglected the medical profession.

Pep Guardiola

“It was not about recovery of the players, but only freedom from pain. It was not about the healing of injuries. It was completely against my philosophy.

“He underestimated me and wanted to make me a commander.

“He overestimated himself and thinks he knows better than anybody, but I was too big for him. I had a wonderful status at the club.

“He could not bear that I was the same as him, so I had to be trimmed and he used every opportunity to dupe me.”

Guardiola is not the only high-profile manager to be accused of neglecting the medical aspect of the game. In the same year that Muller-Wohlfahrt left Bayern, Jose Mourinho had a high-profile fallout with then Chelsea team doctor Eva Carneiro.

Muller-Wohlfahrt’s latest accusations have brought back into the spotlight the sometimes fragile relationships between those whose job it is to win matches and those entrusted with players’ health and safety.