Bolt serious about Dortmund trial

Usain Bolt Dortmund trial

Borussia Dortmund have revealed that they will give sprinting superstar Usain Bolt a realistic evaluation of his football ability during his trial at the club.

The eight-time Olympic gold medalist is taking the opportunity seriously and will take part in a public training session on Friday, after training with the BVB on Thursday.

Some have criticised the experiment as a marketing stunt by Puma, who are Bolt’s sponsor as well as Dortmund shareholders, but the club’s sales and marketing executive Carsten Cramer insists the trial will be done professionally.

“He won’t only juggle the ball three times and that is that,” Cramer told ESPN FC. “He really wants it, and he will get a realistic assessment where he’s at.

“It’s been in the making for almost two years, and certainly also down to Usain Bolt’s good relationship with our board member [and Puma CEO] Bjorn Gulden. Puma surely plays a role. But there is more: He always wanted it, was injured in between and then there was the Olympics.

“It had to fit. We were not able to integrate such a visit into a normal training week. During this international break, it fits for everyone.

“He’s taking this very seriously, and we are indeed a bit proud that he’s chosen us of all clubs.”

He added: “Others would make the shopping window as big as possible. We are doing it a bit more discreet. He’s not training in the stadium, he’s training at the training grounds, and even behind closed doors on his first day. And in the youth stadium on his second day.”