Lahm to retire in 2018?

Lahm's comments come after he recently returned to the Bayern Munich side after fracturing his ankle in November. 

However, after coming on as a substitute for a number of games, Lahm feels that he is ready to regain his spot in the starting XI. 

"I can play at the highest level for another three years, but I don't want to squeeze out everything until the end. I want to step down with a nice feeling," he told Munchener Merkur. "I have a contract until 2018, and I'll be 34 by then. Usually that's the end. But don't nail me down to it."

Lahm added that the club should do everything in their power to extend Pep Guardiola's tenure as head coach. 

"Prolong, for sure. Prolong," he said. "Right now, it's not about what the club or the players want, but about what he wants. A coaching job can be very intense, and at FC Bayern certainly even more than elsewhere. 

"It costs a lot of energy, especially if you work as meticulously as our coach. You need to allow him time to think about it," he added.