Aubameyang doesn’t understand suspension

Borussia Dortmund's star striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang insists he doesn't know what the 'disciplinary reasons' are the club have for dropping him.

Dortmund revealed on Thursday that the 28-year-old will not take part in the Bundesliga clash with Stuttgart on Friday due to 'disciplinary reasons'. However, they did not elaborate on the specifics of the suspension.

Aubameyang, who was suspended by the club last year for an unsanctioned trip to Milan, has made it clear that he has no idea why he's been left out of the squad.

"I didn't turn up late for training," he is quoted as saying by Bild.

"After my trip to Milan I could understand my suspension because I ignored an announcement that time.

"This time I really can't understand it."

Reports have suggested that the Gabon international has been late for training on a few occasions this season, but he was presumably suspended this time around after being photographed enjoying the nightlife in Barcelona during a trip to Spain to visit former teammate Ousmane Dembele.