Mainz keeper mistakes penalty spot for ball

Mainz keeper Robin Zentner may be sent for a vision test in the next few days after his short-sighted howler almost cost his side a goal on Saturday.

Zentner’s near-fatal error occurred in the 31st minute of Mainz’s game against Borussia Monchengladbach when he received a back pass.

Momentarily taking his eye off the ball to check his options, Zentner then comically tried to pass the penalty spot to a teammate instead of the ball, before quickly realising his error.

Fortunately, Mainz’s myopic keeper was able to scramble the ball away from an advancing forward just in time to save him from further embarrassment.

“It’s incredible,” Zentner said after the game. “I received the ball and then I look to see who I can pass to. I saw Jean (Gbamin) and maybe I saw something white [the penalty spot] out of the corner of my eye and I think that’s the ball, but then I don’t feel anything when I try to kick it.”

Talk about a blind spot!