Humble Hummels praised for backing Mata’s 1% wage pledge

FC Bayern Munchen defender Mats Hummels became the first player to join Manchester United midfielder Juan Mata’s drive to get top football players to donate 1% of their wages to charity.

Mata started raising money for Common Goal, a charity run by the streetfootballworld organisation, earlier this month after witnessing poverty first hand on recent a visit to Mumbai, India.

The Spanish midfielder wants to create a ‘Common Goal first XI’, made up of 11 top players who will donate 1% of their wage to the charity.

World Cup winning defender Hummels said: “This is a chance for football to improve our world, and I wanted to be part of it.”

“I feel we could be doing more to connect the increasing revenues in football to some kind of deeper purpose,” he added.

“Through the 1% pledge, we’re building a bridge between football and its social impact around the world.”

Mata replied by praising Hummels: “He really gets what we’re trying to achieve. The fact that a World Cup holder – at the peak of his career with one of the biggest clubs on the planet – has chosen to make the pledge shows the power and magic of what we’re doing.”

The gesture also won over fans around the world.

Who will be next? Neymar?