Bundesliga giants beat Manchester United, Real Madrid, named richest club as per trophy value

Bundesliga giants beat Manchester United, Real Madrid, named richest club as per trophy value

It has been understood that Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich have the richest trophy cabinet in all of Europe – even richer than those of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Liverpool and so on.

It is F Hinds who published the results of a study they conducted recently – in the study, they calculated the overall values of various football clubs based on the value of each individual piece of silverware they have won over the years.

According to Express, the valuations were conducted based on each trophy’s weight and the value of materials used to make it, including silver, gold and gemstones.

Take a look at the value of each competitive trophy right here:

While the Champions League is often considered the most prestigious award in Europe, the trophy itself is made of sterling silver and is priced at just £3,157 per piece.

In contrast, the German DFB-Pokal cup is valued at £89,805 due to the gold-plated silver encrusted with 12 tourmalines, 12 rock crystals, 18 nephrites and a solid green nephrite in the centre.

Next most valuable is the Bundesliga trophy, valued at £44,902 with the 11kg shield set with five 71.98 carat gold-encased tourmaline cabochons.

Bayern Munich have won 29 Bundesliga titles and 19 German DFB-Pokal Cups – which hence automatically makes them the richest European club in terms of their trophies’ overall value.

Real Madrid may be the world’s richest club, but the Spanish giants are well behind the Bavarians in terms of overall trophies’ value, with their haul totalling £454,511.48. Real Madrid’s arch-rivals Barcelona are in third place.

Meanwhile, Manchester United’s total haul of 66 trophies has been valued at £230,376.80, putting them fifth on the overall European list, well ahead of domestic rivals Liverpool and Arsenal – but just below Serie A giants Juventus.

The top-ten list is as follows:


Images via F Hinds.