WATCH: Goretzka’s back-garden brilliance

A half-volleyed rabona with enough back-spin on it to roll it backwards into the net is no mean feat, but Leon Goretzka pulled it off.

Bayern Munich star Leon Goretzka tweeted that he is “still hungry” and proved it with a video showcasing a fine piece of skill in a close-season kickabout.

The 24-year-old Germany international scored eight goals in 30 Bundesliga appearances for the champions last season but few were as unlikely as the remarkable back-spin flick he pulled off in what looked like a back-garden game of keepy-uppy.

The video shows Goretzka stood behind a miniature net when he receives the ball and then executes a back-spun rabona half-volley to send the it over the crossbar before it rolls into the net.

If that is a taste of the kind of trickery Bayern fans have to look forward to next season, they could be in for a few treats from the ex-Schalke man.