Klopp: I won’t quit Dortmund

A 2-1 reverse at Werder Bremen could see Dortmund finish the year at the foot of the table, while a place in the bottom two is guaranteed.

“It was just a reflection of our whole season so far,” Klopp said. “We had a very poor first half.

“It follows suit that we are standing here like total idiots.”

Klopp’s side have shown two faces this season, marching into the last 16 of the Champions League while struggling to only 15 points in 17 Bundesliga games – just two more than they picked up in six European encounters.

“We’re all trying to work out what’s behind it all,” said defender Mats Hummels. “We’ve managed pretty well at home in recent weeks, but not at all away.

“It’s pretty astonishing that we are so pathetic.”

Klopp has ruled out walking away, though, telling ZDF television: “I am totally responsible and I am not just going to throw in the towel and follow everything from a distance.

“I can promise that we’re going to put right what we’ve done wrong and we’re going to be angry hunters.

“It’s going to be far harder to beat us in the second half of the season.”