Seven-goal thriller sees JPV Marikina win their first Copa match

JPV Marikina Copa Alcantara

JPV Marikina survive a late scare as they defeat Global Cebu FC in a seven-goal thriller to begin their Copa Paulino Alcantara campaign with a win on Sunday at the San Lazaro Leisure Park.

Both sides traded possession and opportunities right from kick off but golden opportunities came at a premium right until the first twenty minutes.

Despite the match missing a precious goal in the early phase, it was building up to being an exciting encounter as both teams were enterprising and really showing a positive type of football.

At the 22nd minute, Global Cebu was able to earn their first corner but nothing came out of it as JPV was able to break down the buildup on the way to a counter-attack.

That particular counterattack that ensued in the next minute turned out to be promising as striker Takumi Uesato was able to thread a through ball towards pacy winger John Celiz’s path but a Global defender was able to thwart the brooding threat just in time.

Two minutes before the half hour mark, a JPV freekick was taken by Uesato which found Suzuki Tsubasa who then crossed onto Keigo Moriyasu. JPV’s talismanic attacking midfielder this season was able to successfully slot the ball at the back of the net with a great piece individual skill as he volleyed with his left foot.

The goal suddenly turned the tide into JPV Marikina’s favour as Coach Dan Padernal’s wards upped the pressure with the aim of further increasing their lead.

Just right smack in the half hour mark Suzuki was able to shoot from range for JPV, but the attempt was just a bit off target.

In the next possession, Global was able to get to grips for a moment with a bit of possession spell going their way, Jordan Jarvis unleashing an effort that can only go straight into the hands of JPV keeper Nelson Gasic.

The following minute, it was Shimono Atsushi who came up with a decent effort that time from outside the box only to go wide of the near post.

An interesting turn of events though came to side Global Cebu’s way as they were able to latch onto an equaliser just before halftime with defender Milan Nikolic scoring the precious goal in the 38th minute of the match to give lifeline to Head Coach Dragutin Stevic-Rankovic and the rest of his squad’s cup campaign as both teams headed into their respective places even with one goal apiece after referee Clifford Daypuyat signalled for the break.

After the break, both teams were at it again in pushing for the go ahead goal and the view of surviving the group stage of the Copa Paulino Alcantara.

By how the initial minutes of the second half unfolded, it seemed JPV Marikina had the higher chance of getting into the scoresheet in the second half.

Indeed, the representatives of Marikina were able to seize advantage in the 57th minute as Kennedy Uzoka successfully converted his chance to score.

The advantage would prove to be short lived though as eight minutes later, Global Cebu FC were awarded a penalty kick after JPV were handed an infraction inside their penalty area. The resulting spot-kick was taken by Darryl Roberts who made no mistake in burying his chance and levelling once again the scoreline.

But JP Voltes still had something up their sleeves with an almost perfect response as Allen Angeles restored the advantage in favour of his side with a 69th minute goal.

Soon enough, JPV Marikina made it a more comfortable two-goal advantage as midfielder Atsushi Shimono was able to be released with only Global’s goalkeeper, Jun Badelic, to beat and beat him he did with the easiest of tap-ins.

Global Cebu despite the setback did not throw in the towel though as they continued to toil in the hopes of completing a fightback which they were close to accomplishing as defender Lee Jeongmin pulled one back to make the tie have a tense and nervous ending.

But in only proved to be a consolation for the Cebu side in the end as Marikina held on with too little time left as JPV start their Copa Paulino Alcantara journey with a win while a rebuilding Global could only reflect on what might have been as they receive their second defeat in two matches with their Copa campaign now hanging in the balance.


Photo credit: Philippines Football League