Former Kelantan owner Dato Vida unveils new quirky World Cup video

Nicolas Anil Nicolas Anil

Cosmetics tycoon Dato’ Seri Hasmizah Othman, popularly known Dato’ Vida, recently unveiled a new cheeky video for the 2018 World Cup titled ‘Lavida Go Bola’.

“Please watch my video until it gets viral. Share it and vote for my song to be the official World Cup song,” quipped the businesswoman on her Facebook page.

In the video, the former Kelantan FA owner is seen dressed in a colourful ensemble dancing with her entourage in various locations, including the Perak Stadium.

Vida is known for her extravagant branding and self-marketing, previously producing other eye-catching videos as well.

When she took over Kelantan, one of the many stipulations was that the Sultan Muhammad Sultan IV be painted pink and the players emulate her trademark fingers to mouth pose in their celebration.

As a result, her products sales rocketed through the roof in the east coast state.

While getting her tune to become the official World Cup song is a foregone conclusion, Vida can take heart that many people are sharing her latest video on social media.