Subahan confirms Crown Prince RMS will become next Selangor president

Nicolas Anil Nicolas Anil

Selangor FA outgoing president Datuk Seri Subahan Kamal has confirmed his successor Tengku Amir Shah (RMS) will take over the hot seat, and backed the royalty to add a different dimension to the club.

Subahan had on Tuesday stated his intention to step down after 21 months, due to his other commitments as president of the Malaysian Hockey Confederation and deputy president of the Football Association of Malaysia.

On Thursday, he revealed the Selangor Crown Prince will be the chosen one to take the Red Giants forward.

“For the past 21 months, I have been president and I think I have been doing my job well. But it is time I release the position to RMS. He is a young man who is willing to learn and he will bring a different feel to Selangor football,” Subahan told FOX Sports Asia.

“We had wanted him to become president before, but there were some constraints. July 3 is when I will hand over the presidency to him through the extraordinary general meeting.”

Selangor were also reported to be late in their salary payments to their players, but Subahan clarified he will settle all debts and hand over the presidency to RMS in a clean slate.

“We are late for three weeks, but all the salaries and outstanding payments will be settled this Friday. I want to leave this post in a responsible manner and I will honour that.” he added.

“Selangor have been running on our own for the last two years and we have done well by using many players from the President Cup. I think the way forward for all clubs is to be self sustaining.”

Subahan also urged the fans not to have sky high expectations once the new president comes on board.

“Selangor have been using home grown talents and I think we have not done badly. We have a formula, but the results won’t come easy and fans need to understand that. But next year we will be stronger.”

RMS is already involved in Selangor football through his participation with the Selangor Grassroots League project.

One of the royalty’s main tasks as new president would be to regain use of the Shah Alam Stadium.

Selangor were barred from using the Shah Alam ground after clashing with the state government and have been nomads ever since.

Last year, they played at Selayang Stadium and are sharing the Cheras Stadium with Kuala Lumpur FA this year.