If I’m lying, then drag me to court – Malaysia Football League chairman

Following the cancellation of partnership between Telekom Malaysia (TM) and the Malaysia Football League, MFL chairman Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim has hit back at the company.

Recently, it was revealed that the two have severed ties as TMJ claimed that TM were unable to comply with obligations.

Recently, a statement from TM denied these claims, saying: “We wish to inform that Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) is no longer a sponsor for the Malaysian League from 2019 onwards.

“TM denies that it has not met any obligations. We would like to clarify that TM and Malaysian Football League (MFL) were unable to mutually agree on several fundamental commercial terms necessary for the intended collaboration.

“Despite several extensions of the agreed deadline to sign the definitive agreement, both parties were unable to arrive at an understanding.

“In view of this, on 1 November 2018, TM duly notified MFL in writing that the partnership has come to an end.”

This has prompted TMJ to respond through his social media saying: “If I’m lying, then drag me to court.”

He would continue to say: “If it is felt that I am lying, then it is easy to bring the chairman of MFL to justice. This is exactly what happens when politics is mixed with sports.

“Last time there were no such problems when the agreement was first struck for an eight year sponsorship deal. But when there’s a new boss that comes in (at TM), football becomes the victim.”

According to MFL, TM failed to comply by not releasing sponsorship payment for the season worth RM60 million which would be given to the teams in the M-League.

TM have responded by saying the deal has been off since November of 2018.

Photo courtesy of TMJ