Malaysia Football League sever ties with sponsor but calm fears of cancellation

The Malaysian Football League recently announced the cancellation of their partnership with Telekom Malaysia (TM) amidst failure of the latter to comply with obligations.

Last year, TM signed a huge RM480-million deal that should span for eight years with the MFL. Unfortunately, the TM have reportedly failed to oblige and have even chosen not to respond to MFL notices.

According to Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim, MFL’s chairman, there should still be no fears despite the loss of a big sponsor as they are taking the necessary action to correct this.

Moreover, he has appointed MFL chief executive officer Kevin Ramalingan to speak to interested sponsors to try and come in to support the league.

Speaking through a statement, Tunku Ismail said: “We had always been a good partner to TM and gave them room to solve their issues. We had always tried to discuss the issue with TM but it was met with dead end and we could not wait for them anymore due to our responsibility to manage the M-League.

“Honestly, I’m disappointed with TM and didn’t expect this from them. We are aware that TM and the government may have problems but they should not let the nation’s No.1 sport, which unites the country suffer. This is the end result when sports are politicised.”

Tunku Ismail then spoke to try and calm fears over a cancellation.

“MFL have always striven to safeguard the M-League teams and looked for ways to strengthen the team’s financial positions.

“Football should not just seen on it’s commercial values but also as a medium of unity in our multi-racial country and everyone has a role to play in the development of our football.”

Photo courtesy of Channel News Asia