Terengganu FC players deny receiving pay despite Football Association of Malaysia’s claim

News recently broke out that the Football Association of Malaysia were helping a number of affected teams settle their salary arrears.

Among those teams affected are Terengganu City but according to the Malaysian outfit they have yet to receive their money.

Sources claim that, despite information that the money has been dispersed, they have not yet been compensated.

Various people have voiced their displeasure on the matter, with Mohd Dzaiddin Zainuddin, Mohd Muslim Yusof and Khairul Ramadhan Zauwawi, along with coach Mohd Noor Md Derus speaking up on the matter.

A reported sum of RM 512,700 is owed to 21 players.

Professional Footballers Association of Malaysia (PFAM) chief executive Izham Ismail, has spoken up to defend their claims saying that there are different timelines in processing the payments.

“For Muslim, we have never represented him. His name never came up on our list and we aren’t sure whether he lodged a report with FAM or on his own. But as far as we’re concerned, we did not represent him.

“In Khairul’s case, we have submitted his paperwork and it’s pending on FAM’s Status Committee’s decision for the third batch sent last week.

“Dzaiddin’s remarks were made prematurely and the money is already in.

“He made the comment about two days back but he seems to be okay with it now, but the other players are still waiting for a decision.”

As for Noor, the report claims that the payment has been made but he has been adamant that steps are to be made by FAM to help avoid such situations.

Photo courtesy of Inikan Bola