Former Selangor striker Antonio German accuses fans following release from club

English striker Antonio German broke his silence following his release from Malaysian club Selangor despite only arriving in January 2019.

The 27-year-old was brought in to the club on a free transfer but was eventually let go.

Following that news, the former Queens Park Rangers striker took to social media to give information on the matter.


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After 3 months of being in malaysia, I am basically forced to leave ‘for my own protection’ as I was told.. 10 games in pre season- 7 goals 3 assists. 3 games gone in the season and I’m the only player who’s scored in the team from open play. After the first game the fans turned on me and I was the only player receiving boos on the pitch. I have received countless dms from fans telling me to ‘go back to my country’. As the only black player in the team even tho I am playing well I’m still getting chants and boos and hate messages in my DMs….now not all of the fans was like that most was supportive and sending me messages telling me to not worry about them etc etc and being thank you to those people..but we are all human and it’s sad to see that still in 2019 this still occurs..I have been forced to leave my team because of this and it’s sad..just thought I’d shed some light on the situation..and thank you to those fans whose been positive!

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In the post, German claimed that he was forced to leave the club for his own protection. He claimed that the fans have been abusive since his arrival, booing him and verbally attacking the striker.

Even off the pitch, German claims that he gets private messages from fans asking him to leave the country and believes that this is a racially charged assault on him.

He ends his post by sharing that there are still positive fans who support him and he expresses his gratitude and thanks to those fans but he has now shared his side of the story following a surprise exit with the club.

Photos courtesy of Antonio German