Indonesia president Joko Widodo congratulates team in AFF U-22 Championship triumph

Following Indonesia’s AFF U-22 Championship victory in Cambodia, the country’s president Joko Widodo congratulated the team and shared a message following the victory.

Jokowi shared a statement on his social media account, saying: “Players of Timnas U-22 come from various regions, tribes, and religions. In the field, those differences become harmony and power leading to a victory.”

Indonesia’s youth team picked up the 2-1 win against Thailand as they showed great promise of a bright future for Indonesian football.

This was stressed by Jokowi, who stated that this should help inspire national football to finally stand up and be a force in Asian football.

AFF U-22 Championship 2019: Indonesian president Joko Widodo hopes for an ‘awakening’ following cup win

He said: “I hope this victory will be the beginning for the awakening and progress of Indonesian football. From Indonesia, I send congratulations for Timnas U-22!”