AFF U-22 Championship 2019 Final: Indonesia player goes to sleep with the trophy and the fans absolutely love it!

Indonesia defender Nurhidayat Haji Haris went to sleep with the trophy after a hard fought victory in the finals and the fans of the football mad country absolutely lapped it up.

Indonesia fought back from a goal down in the AFF U-22 Championship final against Thailand to go on and win the trophy and expectedly the celebrations were off the charts.

Thailand were favourites going into the match but Indonesia ran out deserved winners, maintaining their calm even after going a goal down in the second half to reply with two of their own; Sani Riski scoring a deflected long range effort and Osvaldo Haay with the winner seven minutes later.

Indonesia see off Thailand to win AFF U22 Championship

Later on, after the on field celebrations had died down and the team had returned to their lodgings, Haris would post an picture on his Instagram account of him sleeping next to the trophy – something that really got the Indonesian fans going.

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Goodnight garuda😴🦅🇮🇩

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The image received many comments from fans of the team but here are five of them (translated to English) that capture the essence of the sentiment that was repeated.

What class! You got bullied when did a blunder against Qatar on Asian Cup, but now, you bounce back with a real performance 👏👏

Thank God! Get used to becoming a CHAMPION, until being CHAMPION becomes a habit. #ForzaGaruda

Thank you Timnas U-22 who brought the flight of the Garuda to Asia and brought back the trophy to people of Indonesia. We are very proud…praise to Lord and @nurhidayatnh32, keep the spirit going and let’s bring Garuda to the world.

Starting from a dream, now it became real ♥♥

Thank you for your game! Last night I was crying because I was so happy. Blessings and greetings from my village. Hopefully it will be a blessing and inspiration for the next generation.

Clearly, the AFF U-22 Championship success that the Indonesian team achieved has left their fans an extremely happy and contented group.

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