AFF Suzuki Cup 2018: 6 teams with the best fans in the competition

Support from fans can play a huge role in the outcome of a football match. The voices of a thousand screaming fans can inspire players to put in that extra effort that can ultimately prove to be the difference between a win and a loss.

The AFF Suzuki Cup 2018 has witnessed a wide variety of fan bases express their support in different manners – from unveiling massive banners to screaming themselves hoarse, the fans have made the competition a thing of beauty.

Here, FOX Sports Asia looks at six teams that had the best fans in the competition:

#6 Indonesia

Indonesian fans weren’t too impressed with their side’s performance in the AFF Suzuki Cup 2018. Many voices were raised against coach Bima Sakti and their national football federation, blaming them for the Garuda’s disappointing show.

However, come game time, the fans were still prepared to show faith and urge their side on.


#5 Singapore

Singapore may have crashed out disappointingly in the group stages despite showing much promise ahead of the competition, but that did not stop fans from turning out to cheer on their side.


The youngsters were out in numbers as well; something that was recognised by the players who were quite willing to spend time and pose for pictures with their biggest fans.

Their spirit was best put into words by Akbar Hashim, the leader of the Singapore die-hard (DHF) fans group, when he said, “Where the Lions go, we go. Win, lose or draw, DHF will be there to give moral support to the national team.”

#4 Myanmar

Myanmar fans turned up in huge numbers throughout the course of the tournament as they looked to inspire their side to a first-ever triumph in the AFF Suzuki Cup.

While their passion and enthusiasm for the game were second to none, it was their actions after matches that truly won hearts and will be remembered in the years to come.

Despite watching their side crash out of the competition against Malaysia, fans remained in the stadium to clean up after themselves in what was a truly heart-warming gesture.

#3 Vietnam

Vietnam’s ultras take the third spot on this list. Passionate as always, the Golden Dragons fans kept things simple this time around, waving national flags and lighting flares in support of their team.

They were also more than happy to take the party to the streets.

Fan enthusiasm reached its peak ahead of Vietnam’s game against Malaysia, with fans queueing up outside ticket windows as early as 6 AM to purchase tickets.

#2 Thailand

Thailand rode an incredible wave of support throughout to cruise into the semifinals where they will take on Malaysia.

Banners plastered with the faces of star players were on full display in home matches along with a particularly eye-catching one that pronounced them the kings of the ASEAN region; a prophecy they fully intend to fulfill.

#1 Malaysia

The Bukit Jalil Stadium in Malaysia is renowned for its daunting atmosphere, with hordes of passionate fans screaming themselves hoarse in support of their team.

This time around was no different, with Malaysian fans serving as the side’s 12th man, especially in their final group game against Myanmar where the stadium was draped in yellow and black with flags and team banners on display.

Throughout the competition, the fans kept their support going, even cheering their team on during flights.

Most recently, they could also be seen selling personal items in order to raise funds for their trip to Bangkok where Harimau Malaya will play their second leg of the Suzuki Cup semifinal.

A wonderful gesture indeed!