WATCH: Boyfriend proposes at half time during Malaysia vs Myanmar AFF Suzuki Cup encounter

It was definitely a tense match between Malaysia and Myanmar last November 24 as both squads battled it out for an AFF Suzuki Cup 2018 semifinals berth. But come halftime, all football-related tension has been set aside when a Harimau Malaya fan proposed to his girlfriend.

Malaysia were leading by two goals to nil at halftime break and with the hosts enjoying a relatively comfortable margin, a Malaysian fan took the opportunity to finally propose to his girlfriend.

It took almost everyone by surprise as such a marriage proposal is definitely something unusual in a high-stakes international football match.

But it seems the crowd welcomingly took the momentary change in atmosphere that made the mood a bit lighter and romantic off from a nervous footballing affair (Malaysia needed a win and nothing less to be able to survive the group stage).

Eventually, after the fan proposed to his girlfriend it is good to know that she accepted the proposal by saying “Yes”.

The overall positivity from that surprise halftime “intermission” may have also crept onto the pitch in favour of the Harimau Malaya as they were able to add another goal and kept visitors Myanmar at bay to ensure their progression to the AFF Suzuki Cup 2018 semis.

Now that’s one happy ending.

Watch the clip of the proposal here: