AFF Suzuki Cup 2018: While Indonesia battle Thailand, Indonesian Liga 1 continues play

The AFF Suzuki Cup continues and a big match-up beckons in Group B on Saturday as Thailand host Indonesia at Rajamangala National Stadium in Bangkok. However, the controversy seems to continue for Indonesia as their Liga 1 persists to play games despite their national team featuring in a big competition.

A recent article questioned this fact, with so many reactions coming in from Indonesian fans placing the blame on their football federation.

In fact, the same day the Indonesians face the defending champions in Bangkok, there are four league games to be played as can be seen below.



Luckily, the kick-off of the league games are earlier than that of the AFF Suzuki Cup so attention won’t be too divided among Indonesian fans and as Liga 1 enters its crucial stages, it makes for an interesting storyline on how supporters can enjoy both league and international affairs.