After ex-Chelsea physio Eva Carneiro, Thailand’s team doctor has left AFF Suzuki Cup fans smitten

With so much action in the AFF Suzuki Cup, much of the attention is given on the pitch where players battle for possession and to get maximum points at the end of 90 minutes. However, there are other big roles in a football club outside of these professional athletes.

On the sidelines, coaches and their assistants are also heroes that come up with tactics and plays to help them get the victory, but there are also unsung heroes, and we take a look at one of them – the team physician.

More importantly, we put a spotlight on a popular figure in the AFF Suzuki Cup at the moment, Thailand’s field doctor, Sirin Triwutpipatkul.

Following the AFF Suzuki Cup, “Dr. Li” has been a media darling, with many seeing her on the sidelines and clamouring to find out who is treating the Thai players.

Various social media comments have made rounds complimenting the Thai doctor.

She recently had an interview where she answers various questions like her general educational background, the club she supports and her favourite player.

The 27-year-old doctor is a fan of FC Barcelona’s Lionel Messi because he has done so much and plays hard while not only relying on talent alone.

At a certain point of the interview, Dr. Li spoke about one of the toughest injuries she had to see in a football match. She pointed out Thailand’s match against Trinidad and Tobago where Akeem Humphrey landed awkwardly after a clash with Thailand’s Thitipan Puangchan. Humphrey was stretchered off and sent directly to the hospital. In what appeared to be a neck injury, reports would surface that Humphrey would subsequently only suffer a soft tissue bruise.

She also highlighted that Thailand’s first-aid standards for in-game medical attention is top-notch as they always stay up-to-date and have regular trainings that coincide with FIFA standards. Furthermore, it helps her in her craft as she continues to learn despite already being a professional.

According to Dr. Li, science has also greatly helped in improving player health as proper training regimens and self-care tips are readily available to ensure everyone is in their best condition regardless if there is a competition or just every day life.

Lastly, Dr. Li was asked how the War Elephants would do against their next opponents, Indonesia. She responded, naturally, with a Thailand victory with a 2-1 scoreline.


Photos courtesy of Facebook