Hanoi FC players stuck in Philippines following AFC Cup clash with Ceres Negros

Hanoi FC took on Ceres Negros FC in the AFC Cup on June 18th, and the first leg of their two-legged encounter ended 1-1. However, some further news coming in suggests that the visiting team may be stuck in the Philippines for longer than they had expected.

FOX Sports Asia understands that some players from the Hanoi team are still in Manila because of the lack of flights available to the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi.

According to the original plan, Hanoi FC were to fly from Bacolod to Manila at 3 pm on June 19. However, the team was unable to board the flight to Manila at the scheduled time and instead boarded at 12:00 am on June 20 to their destination within Philippines.

This is where the real issue arose, as there were no flights available at the time from Manila to Hanoi. As a result, the club was forced to stay put for another day so that the desired flight could be caught to Vietnam.

From what we understand, at 10 am on June 20, as many as 10 team members along with the coach and chairman of Hanoi FC flew to Thailand first, and from there moved on to Hanoi.

The rest of the team is expected to fly out of Manila to Hanoi on June 20 by the night flight.

(Image credits: Hanoi FC)