WATCH: Oseni’s fourth goal of the night helps Ha Noi equal record for biggest victory margin in an AFC Cup game

Ganiyu Oseni is at the top of the peak set by Ha Noi FC against Nagaworld in the ongoing AFC Cup game, as his fourth goal – also Ha Noi’s ninth – equals the record for the highest margin of win ever, in the history of the competition.

The goal came in the 81st minute, and needless to say, Nagaworld players were already in shambles from all the assault they had been facing so far. This gave Ha Noi players a meaty opportunity to pass the ball around in their own free will, before going ahead and attempting a finish. The first shot was weak and deflected away by the Nagaworld goalkeeper, but Oseni flew in from the right wing to attempt a tougher shot, which escaped the keeper’s clutches and flew into the top of the net.

AFC Cup 2019: Ha Noi 9-0 Nagaworld FC – Oseni (81′)

Another goal would bring double figures to Ha Noi FC, and also give them the record on the biggest victory margin. Can they get there? Nine minutes seem ample time for them to do so.