WATCH: Penalty by Nguyen Van Quyet rubs salt to Nagaworld’s wounds by adding a fourth to Ha Noi’s tally in the AFC Cup 2019

Ha Noi are really running away with their AFC Cup 2019 opening game against Nagaworld FC, scoring with every possible shot to put the Cambodians under immense pressure. We have already seen a long-ranger, a soft finish and an own-goal, and the recently added fourth goal was a penalty.

Nagaworld were probably too tired of Ha Noi’s relentless attacks into the box, and the game might have gotten into the head of some players which in turn resulted in an unhealthy and unnecessary tackle on one of the Ha Noi forwards right in the penalty box – in the 44th minute of the game. The referee did not have to think twice before pointing to the spot, and Nguyen Van Quyet sent the Nagaworld goalkeeper flying in the opposite direction as a result of his perfectly placed kick.

AFC Cup 2019: Ha Noi 4-0 Nagaworld FC – Nguyen Van Quyet (44′)

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