WATCH: Ceres Negros take 2-0 lead over Shan United following a penalty in AFC Cup 2019

The ongoing match between Ceres Negros and Shan United in the AFC Cup 2019 is appearing to be a one-sided affair so far with the former in the lead by 2-0. 

While Ceres were already 1-0 up in the game, they were awarded a spot-kick following a penalty. Bienvenido Marañon, the Spanish forward, walked up to take the shot and sent the ball effortlessly into the back of the net at 36′. With this goal, Ceres Negros extended their lead which they will continue to capitalise on when the second half resumes. 

AFC Cup 2019: Ceres 2-0 Shan United – Bienvenido Maranon Panenka (37′)