WATCH: Anderson Talisca’s stunning goals take Guangzhou Evergrande to a 4-0 win over Melbourne victory in ACL 2019

In the AFC Champions League 2019 match between Guangzhou Evergrande and Melbourne Victory, the former picked a dominant 4-0 and Anderson Talisca was the star of the game. 

Talisca scored two stunning games, contributing majorly to his side’s win over Melbourne, who are yet to pick a single point in the ongoing tournament.  His first goal came at the 6′ when he received a  left-wing cross from Gao Lin and landed a fir header. A well-calculated shot saw the ball move straight past the goalkeeper and reach the back of the nets.

AFC Champions League 2019: Guangzhou Evergrande 1-0 Melbourne Victory – Anderson Talisca (7′)

In less than five minutes,  Talisca struck another wonder. He directed the ball from the edge of the box to the goalpost, tearing apart the opponent’s defence. That shot landed the ball right in the den to give a 2-0 lead to Guangzhou Evergrande over Melbourne Victory.

AFC Champions League 2019: Guangzhou Evergrande 2-0 Melbourne Victory – Anderson Talisca (10′)

Soon, Yang Liyu scored the third goal before the match before half-time. In the second half, Melbourne victory were visibly struggling but they saw the worst when Leigh Broxham scored an own goal.

In the end, Guangzhou Evergrande walked out victorious.