Watch: Hilarious moment Bahrain star is booked without stepping on the pitch in the AFC Asian Cup

Over the years, we have seen some truly dubious things on the football pitch. From streakers getting tackled to a goal-scoring beachball, some weird and yet hilarious things have happened on the field. Another such instance happened when India faced Bahrain in the AFC Asian Cup, as the referee booked a player who wasn’t even on the pitch!

The moment came in Bahrain’s final AFC Asian Cup Group A match against India. Miroslav Soukup’s men had just taken the lead against the Blue Tigers via a 90th-minute penalty and were trying to run down the clock.

AFC Asian Cup 2019: How to earn a yellow card without stepping on the pitch feat. Bahrain

In the final moments, India received a throw-in close to the Bahrain dugout, and one star – Ahmed Bughammar – couldn’t resist wasting a little more time. And so, the defender threw an extra ball on the pitch, just as Subhashish Bose was taking the throw-in, invoking the referee’s wrath. Uzbekistan’s Ilgiz Tantashev ran on to book the offender, much to his own amusement.

As a result, Ahmed Bughammar earned himself a booking, despite not playing a single second!

Nevertheless, he would still have plenty to cheer about, as his side squeezed into the knockout stages of the AFC Asian Cup, where they will now face Korea Republic in the Round-of-16.