AFC Asian Cup 2019: Qatar coach Sanchez will not change tactics in DPR Korea clash

Ahead of their clash against DPR Korea in the AFC Asian Cup 2019, Qatar coach Felix Sanchez claims he will be employing the same approach as he did in the last match they had against Lebanon.

Qatar beat their rivals 2-0 in their last Asian Cup match but many believed it could have been more given how dominant they were.

However, only getting to score a goal past the hour mark of the match, some where left to wonder on why it took so long to break through.

Speaking to AFC ahead of their DPR Korea match, Sanchez still hailed his players and now turn their focus on the Koreans.

“Each match is different and we cannot renounce the way we play. It’s difficult to change now, but we need to find solutions to be more close to the opposition’s goal.

“But in front you always have an opponent and Lebanon showed they’re a well organised team and they were very physical. This was the first game and it’s never easy to do the right thing all the time in the first game.

“But the team showed they were patient enough and, hopefully, in the next game we will perform better and do something that we couldn’t do in the last game.”

And while Sanchez failed to discuss whether 2018 AFC Player of the Year Abdelkarim Hassan will start against DPR Korea, the coach knows that getting as much goals as possible in their coming match will help them reach the top of the table.

“We’re focusing game-by-game and goal difference can make the difference in the ranking, so for that reason when we play the game we’re going to try to be focused and perform during the 90 minutes so we can get the best result for us,” he said.

“We know it’s going to be a very tough opponent and we are going to play a very good game tomorrow to get the result.”

As for DPR Korea, they will not have the services of striker Han Kwang-song after he was sent off in their loss to Saudi Arabia, but coach Kim Yong-jun does not seem phased as he believes he has players ready to step up to the plate when needed.

“I can say that without him there will be some effect but I don’t think it will be too big because we have some good players like our captain, Jong Il-gwan, and Pak Kwang Ryong, who plays in Austria, so I don’t think there will be a big effect for the second match,” he revealed.

“Our primary target in this tournament is to qualify for the next round, so for the last three days we have focused in training on the mistakes we made in the first game. We’ve been training for three days and we’re ready for the game.

“In the first game we focused more on defence than attacking and we didn’t create many goal scoring chances and to overcome this we’ll be playing more offensively than we did in the last match.”