AFC Asian Cup 2019: We will exploit Australia’s weakness – Palestine head coach Noureddine Ould Ali

Palestine kicked off their AFC Asian Cup 2019 campaign with 0-0 draw against Syria. Bringing in their strongest defense in the opening fixture, they are now set to face the defending Champion, Australia in their next match. 

Although Palestine head coach Noureddine Ould Ali was satisfied with his team’s results in their previous match, he rightly believes that they will have to step up their game against the Australian team.

“In the last game we were very defensive because the conditions of the match did not allow us to change our style. But we were very pleased with our performance and the point we got in the first game, and that was the most important thing. You need to know that we are in 2019, and every team is able to give a good performance.”

While Palestine started their AFC Asian Cup by bagging Final points for the first time, Australia suffered from an unexpected 0-1 defeat loss against Jordan. Hence, Ould Ali is now determined to capitalize on the weakness of the Australian defenders in order to return with a win.

“In regard to Jordan against Australia we studied the game between them and (Australia’s) strengths, but we also noticed points of weakness and we are also going to exploit such weaknesses.”

Palestine’s Musab Battat and Jonathan Zorrilla have only one chance left and they will have to stay away from another Yellow card to avoid suspension. The ultra defendant side will now require to bring the attacking elements in their gameplay if they wish to put up a completion afor the defending Champions.