AFC Asian Cup 2019: Full list of qualified teams

The AFC Asian Cup 2019 is the next big tournament on the footballing calendar, and fans couldn’t be more excited for the start of the tournament. 

The quadrennial tournament is set to feature an expanded 24 teams this time around, after the decision was made to increase the number of teams from 16 as was seen in 2015.

The defending Champions Australia go in as worthy favourites, but this competition is capable of throwing up a few surprises, specially since the teams have now increased.

The final draw for the AFC Asian Cup was made back in May, and the various qualifying teams have now been added to six groups of four teams each.

Here is the full list of qualified teams (in no particular order) at the AFC Asian Cup 2019:

  • UAE(Hosts),
  • Qatar (Second Round Group C Winners),
  • South Korea (Second Round Group G Winners),
  • Japan (Second Round Group E Winners),
  • Thailand (Second Round Group F Winners),
  • Saudi Arabia (Second Round Group A Winners),
  • Australia (Second Round Group B Winners),
  • Uzbekistan (Second Round Group H Winners),
  • Iran (Second Round Group D Winners),
  • Syria (Second Round Group E Runners Up),
  • Iraq (Second Round Group F Runners Up),
  • China (Second Round Group C Runners Up),
  • Palestine (Third Round Group D Runners Up),
  • Oman (Third Round Group D Winners),
  • India (Third Round Group A Winners),
  • Lebanon (Third Round Group B Winners),
  • Turkmenistan (Third Round Group E Runners Up),
  • Jordan (Third Round Group C Winners),
  • Bahrain (Third Round Group E Winners),
  • Vietnam (Third Round Group C Runners Up),
  • Kyrgyzstan (Third Round Group A Runners Up),
  • North Korea (Third Round Group B Runners Up),
  • Philippines (Third Round Group F Winners),
  • Yemen (Third Round Group F Runners Up)