AFF Suzuki Cup 2018: Disgruntled Malaysian fan files police report against Ticket Hotline

A disgruntled Malaysian football fan has filed a police report against Ticket Hotline over the fiasco involving online sales of tickets for the AFF Suzuki Cup final clash between Harimau Malaya and Vietnam.

The final batch of 10,000 tickets that were allocated for online purchase were sold out by 9.30AM on Saturday, leaving large groups of fans frustrating, given what had transpired on the first day of online sales just 24 hours prior to that.

An image of the report has been circulating online and while the name of the individual who filed it was blurred out, the image does reveal contents of his complaint. “I filed this report so that an investigation can be conducted on Ticket Hotline to see if there were elements of fraudulence in selling these tickets,” the report read.

40,000 tickets were allocated for online purchase and the first batch of tickets (20,000) were supposed to go on sale at 9.00AM on Friday 7th December as well as Saturday 8th December. However, Ticket Hotline’s decision to conduct a ‘real-time load test’ at about 8.30AM on Friday allowed fans to get access to tickets earlier and 20,000 tickets were sold out before the scheduled 9AM sale.

To appease infuriated fans, FAM then went on to release 10,000 from the second batch of tickets that were scheduled to be on sale on Saturday 8th December. Within half an hour, those tickets were completely sold out too.