Sainsbury talks up a storm

Socceroos defender Trent Sainsbury has predicted that the hosts will overpower the Emirates.

"I don't think the UAE has got the legs to go with us for 90 minutes," Sainsbury told reporters on Sunday. "It's just going to be quick ball movement, player movement.

"And as soon as we lose the ball, try and win it back — try and choke them until they're blue. You have got to go for it in this game. You can't hold back."

Australia have had an extra day's rest after their 2-0 win over China in the quarter-finals.

The mind games seem to have started with Sainsbury questioning the work ethic of UAE star Omar Abdulrahman and promising to "get in his face".

Omar been one of the stars of the tournament so far and was instrumental in the UAE's victory over Japan.

"Very tidy on the ball, not the hardest worker and I think we can exploit that," said Sainsbury.

"He has just got that arrogance about him," said Sainsbury. "He has got the cheekiness to chuck in a nutmeg here and there and he's a very quick thinker on the ball.

"If we can get in his face and not let him get his head up, hopefully we can stop him. If we can keep him facing their goal, then he's not going to be able to face forward and play that killer ball."

The Australians are now the hot title favourites to win the tournament on home soil.

"We are going to go out there and give 100 percent," said Sainsbury. 

"We have got a massive opportunity to change the way people look at football in Australia and the boys know the importance of it," he added.