Shahrel Fikri to leave Thailand for Selangor?

Nicolas Anil Nicolas Anil

A day after inspiring Malaysia to a 3-1 triumph over Cambodia, Malaysia forward Shahrel Fikri has hinted on social media he may be making his way back home to join Selangor FA for the 2019 season.

Shahrel was replying to a comment on social media congratulating him on setting up a goal and scoring one, to which he replied, “That’s normal, Selangor 2019.”

The Nakhon Ratchasima loanee’s comment could be brushed off as just rumours, but it may well be a possibility the Red Giants are trying to lure him.

Selangor do not have an accomplished striker besides Rufino Segovia, and will need someone to back the Spaniard striker next season.

But if Shahrel is thinking of returning home, he certainly has made a drastic decision.

Only last week, he told FOX Sports Malaysia : “At this point, I am contracted to PKNP FC until 2020. So all negotiations about my future will have to go through them. I am happy to be playing in Thailand where the standard of the league is competitive.”

“I hope to do well for Malaysia to impress Nakhon further, or other clubs I don’t play with them next season.”

Shahrel will return to PKNP after his loan deal with the Thai League 1 side ends in December.

But Selangor may have already started negotiations with the club side to sign him up.

Shahrel impressed Nakhon after scoring nine goals for Abu Bakar Fadzim’s young side this season, and already has scored for his new club in a cup tie.

He had some problems adjusting to the sometimes lonely life at Nakhon, but later clarified he had no intentions of cutting his stint short and returning home.

Judging by his performance against Cambodia, Shahrel could prove a key player for Tan Cheng Hoe.

He should continue playing good football and wait for the best suitors to come for him.