Japan sacks coach over match-fixing scandal

Aguirre was named in a Spanish anti-corruption investigation, and while the JFA stood by him during the Asian Cup, they have now sacked the coach as they feel the ongoing controversy would be a distraction for the team.

Aguirre was the coach of Real Zaragoza when they defeated Levante on the final day of the 2010-2011 La Liga season, a match that saw them avoid the drop. Aguirre was named by Spain’s anti-corruption prosecutor, who claims Levante players were paid off to throw the match.

JFA head Kuniya Daini said: "We have decided that we will cancel Aguirre's contract. First of all we'd like to convey to coach Aguirre that the reason for the cancellation is that we want to avoid any influence to the national team on their preparation for World Cup and we want to avoid those risks.

"There is a possibility that he will be indicted and then a court case could begin."

Aguirre has denied any involvement in corruption and match-fixing.