Chappuis and Thai football fraternity rejoice as Moopa FC boys found alive

Aung Thu at Muangthong United

Kelvin Leong Kelvin Leong

The Thai football fraternity joined the rest of their compatriots to rejoice in the news that the 12 missing boys and their coach have been found alive.

The team known as Moopa FC went missing on June 23 inside the Tham Luang cave and after nine anxious days, the Chiang Rai governor made the announcement that the entire world wanted to hear, that the 13 survivors have been located and found alive.

A public outpouring of encouragement was seen over the past nine days with people from all walks of life putting out supportive messages, willing the boys and their coach to come home safely.

The search operations were hindered by poor weather conditions but the breakthrough came on July 2 when they were found in a mound in an underground chamber that was not flooded.

The Thai football fraternity has been vocal in their support with star names like Kiatisuk Senamuang and Muangthong United midfielder Charyl Chappuis going on their social media platforms to show their support.

When contacted by FOX Sports Asia about the good news, Chappuis was elated and left a message for the boys and their coach.

“I am so, so overwhelmed when I heard the news, speechless.” Chappuis said. “We can’t wait to say welcome home but for now, we wait for more news that you are all safely out of the cave.

“You and your coach have shown amazing character and this is a miracle that we are all so grateful for.

“Everyone is so happy and it has been wonderful to see how the whole country came together and believed that you guys will be found.

“I’m praying for the recovery work to get you out safely is fast. Recover well and return to your homes. I hope we get a chance to meet someday and maybe kick a ball or two. I’m still lost for words but the only word that comes to mind now is amazing.”

The rescue workers are now bringing doctors and nurses into the cave to assess the 12 boys and coach’s medical condition before deciding if they are able to be moved out to safe grounds immediately.

Photo credit: Muangthong United Facebook