Lee wants to play in the Bundesliga

Lee scored three goals and played exceptionally well for the losing finalists in last month's AFC Asian Cup, but as he still needs to complete his two years of mandatory military service he won't be able to secure a move abroad just yet.

In a wide ranging interview with the Korea Times, Lee said: "If I get a chance, I want to play in the Bundesliga. Some Korean players have found success in Germany. Son Heung-min is a good example. He plays in the German league and he proved his ability in the Asian Cup with top-class technique and composure. I can learn from their experience.

"I watched Korea play their first match against Poland in the 2002 FIFA World Cup. I was mesmerized by striker Hwang's opening volley."

The striker also revealed that he was surprised to be picked for the South Korean squad for the Asian Cup, not expecting national football coach Uli Stielike to pick him.

Lee added: "Stielike came to watch the players in the semi-final match against Seoul Football Club (FC) at the FA Cup. I thought he came to check out Cha Du-ri or Kim Ju-young of Seoul F.C. I did not expect him to watch me at all.

"Stielike came to watch me on the day I played in the season's last match and I scored two goals. Coach told me my movement impressed him and that I played with confidence and determination."


"Correction: The quotes contained in this story were not originally credited to the correct source, The Korea Times. Our apologies for the oversight."