Persib coach pleased with AFC Cup result

Persib head coach Emral Bustamam was very pleased with his side's performance, which included first half goals from Achmad Jufriyanto, Konate Makan and Atep and a Yandy Sofyan strike right at the death.

Bustamam told reporters at a post-match press conference: "But the players kept their focus and executed the game plan very well and we managed to score three goals in the first half.

"I told them that the opponents will try to bounce back and make a tactical change in second half, and it was true. New Radiant played with more confidence in the second half.

"But even though we conceded a goal, we managed to add one more."

New Radiant coach Mike Lonnstrom said: "We're very disappointed with the result.

"I don't remember the last time we lost by such a score. From the tactical point of view, there are a lot of things we missed in the first half.

"In second half, we made few tactical changes and we showed good form in the first 15 minutes. But we couldn’t change the result in 90 minutes. The first three goals were very easy."