Kuantan FA kicked out of Malaysian League for no-show and salary crisis

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Kuantan FA have been booted out of the Malaysian Premier League and have not paid their players for 11 months.

Kuantan FA have been kicked out of the Malaysian Premier League after failing to show up for a league match and not paying their players.

League administrators Malaysian Football League (MFL) made the decision on Saturday, after warning the Pahang-based outfit that severe punishment would be meted out to them.

“The MFL secretariat have conveyed the decision to the Football Association of Malaysia and they fully support our decision,” read a statement from MFL.


Posted by Football Malaysia LLP on Friday, 20 April 2018


“Kuantan FA have been given ample opportunities to solve their administration woes. We have also tried to help them because we felt this is the chance for the officials and players to receive their payment in due course.”

“But it has deteriorated until they did not show up for a game. This is a big violation and it’s clear that the Kuantan FA management are not able to sort their team out.”

Kuantan players were so disheartened with their non-payment that they did not bother to turn up for their Premier League match against PDRM last Sunday.

The Cops were awarded a 3-0 walkover victory as a result, and incurred the wrath of MFL who had tried to mitigate their woes.

Kuantan’s former player Abdul Wafiy told FOX Sports Asia that he has not even used his automated card in almost a year after his savings dried out.

“I don’t even have the passion for football anymore. I could not find a club after leaving and I have to resort to borrowing from friends and family to make ends meet,” said Abdul, 31.

“I was with the club for four years and the least they could have done was be honest with senior players like me. The management has changed but the empty promises remained.”

“I fully support MFL’s decision to kick them out of the league. We put our bodies on the line daily to get paid and this is how they repay us? That RM 60,000 they owe me could have gone a long way to helping me and my family.”

Kuantan FA were taken over by a company called Marcerra and the management told the players that the new sponsors would resolve their outstanding salaries.

But no actions were taken, and they are now dissolved.

Photo credit: Kuantan FA Facebook