PFL Champs vs J-League 1 Champs in a friendly? It could happen

A welcome development in Philippine club football is in the discussion phase at the moment as the Philippines Football League’s Liga Futbol Inc., in collaboration with Japan’s top-flight, the J-League 1, are looking into the possibility of having a pre-season friendly match between the champions of both leagues in the future.

The information came in a statement released from the Philippine Football League’s official website stating the details of such cooperation with the Japanese top flight as part of the local league’s overall improvement efforts and plans.

The discussion is part of a much bigger agreement with the J-League for a collaborative effort in alignment with the AFC to adopt a long term strategic marketing plan for the PFL.

Part of the agreement, in principle, is to have an exchange program for PFL clubs’ management to visit the J-League with the aim of transferring knowledge in managing a club from an established top-flight perspective.

Aside from ties with J-League, PFL’s LFI is also establishing a collaborative effort with Spain’s La Liga in terms of league and club management, and coaching aspects of the game.

Opportunities like these in Philippine club football don’t come often, so these are very welcome signs and hopefully could come into fruition.

With regards to that friendly (if ever it pans out), if the J-league 1’s current leaders would eventually come out as 2018 season’s champions, Sanfrecce Hiroshima will be the club to play against the PFL champions.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed, PFL and LFI. Make it happen!