Asian due linked to AC Milan

AskaNews reported on Thursday that Berlusconi has confirmed that the sale of the club to Chinese owners is almost a done deal.

But Italian news agency, ANSA, denied the potential deal and wrote that 'sources close to Berlusconi' deny the existence of talks and 'the hypothesis is fictional and will be denied in the future' adding that 'a real value assessment of the club has never been made'.

There does seem some truth to these AskaNews reports though as yesterday there was a meeting between Silvio Berlusconi and a guy said to be the face of a Chinese consortium interested in buying Milan. 

Sky's cameras caught Richard Lee leaving Berlusconi's Arcore villa at around 21h50 on Thursday.

Zong Qinghou, the billionaire chairman of Chinese drinks maker Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co, who has been linked to AC Milan, recently denied that he was interested in buying the club.