Manzano rues missed chances

As a result of the 1-1 draw, Beijing will now have to wait to secure the one point they need to advance to the knockout stage of the tournament. In addition to that, their perfect record was brought to an end. 

Beijing found themselves 1-0 up when Yu Dabao scored from close range in the 33rd minute. However, Tomoaki Makino slotted home the equaliser in the 74th minute. 

"The game went as I had expected," Manzano told the South China Morning Post. "We had a good performance in the first half and couldn’t score with the chances we had.

"But the Reds did well in the second half. So, I think the 1-1 result indicates the level of the two teams.

"We'd like to qualify for the next stage by winning the group, and to do so the next game against Brisbane will be important for us. However, we have to play our league matches before that game."